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DIG4E-I - Digital Imaging for Everybody

Digitization for Everybody (Dig4E) - Imaging

Vision and Digital Imaging
Quiz: Vision Stuff  
Imaging Standards Overview
Quiz: Tags  
Physical Care and Handling
Quiz: Hosting and Validation  
Quiz: Final Project  
Imaging Technology Options
Quiz: Styling Syntax and Theory  
Peer-graded Assignment: Your First Styled Site  
Imaging Workflow
Quiz: Review (OPTIONAL)  
Quiz: Advanced Selectors  
Bits and Bitmaps
Peer-graded Assignment  
Tone Response
Quiz: Week 1  
Color Accuracy
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Week 2  
Image File Formats
Quiz: JavaScript Review  
Image Processing
Peer-graded Assignment  
Image Metadata Standards
Quiz: Basic Concepts in Responsive Design Approaches  
Costs and Outsourcing
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Media Queries and Breakpoints  
Future of Digital Imaging
Peer-graded Assignment  
Quiz: Bootstrap